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Case Study


This is our proprietary business management system. MGAv3 is an ERP class software supporting sales, warehouse, settlements, finances, human resources and payroll as well as accounting. It has been integrated with “EBOK”, i.e. the Electronic Customer Service Office and circulation of documents. With the help of MGAv3, we outsource both simplified and full accounting books. The system can be installed in the buyer's infrastructure or leased as a service (the so-called SaaS model).

MGAv3 to support municipal economy

It is an integrated IT system including modules allowing for comprehensive handling of the "waste disposal fee".

The solution:

  • Enables register of declarations, real estate, natural and legal entities,
  • Allows you to post cash flows at the cash desk and at the bank,,
  • Prepares periodic calculations, budget reports and analyzes,,
  • Supports debt collection and legal enforcement processes.,

  • MGAv3 supports 270.000 properties inhabited by 3.6 million people, which is about 10% of the market in Poland. The system functions, among others in three Polish cities with over 0.5 million inhabitants.

    Uniform Tax System

    Integrated software designed to handle local taxes and fees. The system is created and optimized based on the constantly growing data volume. It includes functionalities regarding the records of declarations, taxpayers, assessment, debt collection and legal enforcement. Supports the activities of the unit in the field of budget reporting. In addition to internal solutions implemented directly in the system, it has been integrated with other external interfaces, thus allowing the collection of a wide range of data in one place.


    An automated data migration tool. It allows you to import data from many different sources to any place including transforming and adjusting both the data and it’s structures. It works in an optimized manner, in line with the adopted data migration schedule. It is a fully web application that can be operated within a web browser. Find out more at ETL

    Aggregation of static data, SDMX, visualization

    We integrate and create software for high-level management of aggregated statistical data. The project we have started covers three functional areas. The first is the creation and mapping of data schemas that are used to import and export data based on these schemas. The resulting data structures are stored in SDMX format. The second segment is the management of groups of these structures by users.

    It consists of:

  • Setting goals for data aggregation,
  • Data categorization,
  • Defining the rules of work of individual users (employees of statistical departments) with these collections.

    The third area is data visualization from structures. We divide it into:
  • Internal - developed using Tableau-type software,,
  • External - public, i.e. presented in the form of charts, which are created with the use of software specially developed for this purpose.,
  • Dedicated applications, IT administration

    Over the years, we have implemented software supporting the business activities of many clients.

    Our portfolio includes applications for:

  • Managing the quality and specification of food products from many suppliers in large stores,
  • Management of packaging, complaints and returns in hypermarkets,
  • Training management of employees and job applicants,
  • Visualization of real estate and buildings on a map based on a reference database,
  • Generating tax declarations and sending them in electronic form to offices.